Install SMBExec on KALI Linux – Full Step-by-Step Tutorial for KALI 2016

Install SMBExec on KALI Linux Install SMBExec on KALI Linux

Install SMBExec on KALI Linux

SMBExec denies working on KALI Linux 2016? Well, this has many reasons.

Reason 1: SMBExec is outdated, and no more releases will appear!
Reason 2: KALI 2016 did many changes on the Libraries, so it’s „different“!

In this article, I will show you how to install SMBExec on KALI 2016.1 up and running!

Install SMBExec on KALI: Preparations

Our destination directory will be /opt – so all instructions in this tutorial are about installing SMBExec2 into that directory. Feel free to modify the lines to change this.

Second Step: Downloads Ahead

Before we go ahead, many downloads must take place. I am also going to replace the libesedb with the version 1.0 since SMBExec2 will work only with that release. Here’s all of them in one pack:

cd /opt
git clone
git clone

Third Step: Solving Package Dependencies

Next, we need to add a couple of packages to KALI Linux 2016.1 – these are required to compile and make SMBExec2 working:

apt-get install automake autoconf autopoint gcc-mingw-w64-x86-64 libtool pkg-config

Once you got all that downloads, proceed as following:

cd /opt
cd libesedb

Compiling LIBESEDB is finished. Now we unpacking NTDSXtract:

mv “NTDSXtract 1.0” NTDSXtract

Finally, let us install SMBExec on KALI Linux. First, of, edit the file “smbexec.yml” and make sure the following parameters have the correct paths. Here they are:

mingw: /usr/bin/x86_64-w64-mingw32-gcc
esedbexport: /opt/libesedb/esedbtools/esedbexport

Once done, run the SMBExec2 installation script as usual:


Voila. Done! SMBExec2 works now on KALI Linux 2016.1. Or KALI 2016.2.

Disclaimer: These instructions are working on a native installation of KALI 2016.1 and KALI 2016.2. Avoid running apt-get update/upgrades before doing this, since KALI 2016.1 is known for some strange modifications. It will work fine with a fresh installation!

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