WiFi Hacking With KALI Nethunter – Full Tutorial for Android

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WiFi Hacking With KALI Nethunter

In the former articles, we showed you how to hack different WiFi protocols. We broke WEP & WPS so far since here we get the biggest chances of success. But being a WiFi Hacker isn’t an easy job when you have to run around with a Laptop! This article shows you how to run Wifite on KALI Nethunter, a special edition of KALI Linux running on Android Phones and Tablets!

KALI Nethunter

The Homebase of KALI Nethunter is, of course, at Offensive Security. The KALI Nethunter is completely free. No costs, no fees, just download it! You can find the Landing Page to KALI Nethunter right here:

KALI Nethunter, Wifi Hacking

KALI Nethunter Enabled Android Devices:

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Next, you need a Y-Adapter for your chosen hacking device. We want to do some serious Wifi Hacking. You will also find that one on Amazon:

Next, you need a powerful WiFi Adapter to conduct the Hacks. A must have for a serious hacker! Here’s the best model I have ever found:

Next Steps:

  • Install KALI Nethunter on your Android
  • Use the Y-Adapter to plugin the ALFA WiFi Unit
  • Run Wifite start the Wifi Hacking Attack

All information about how to hack the different WiFi Type you will find at this Blog. My tutorials cover:

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